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"The Teethifier"
Takes A Bite Out of The Pacifier

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"The Teethifier"
Takes A Bite Out of The Pacifier

Everyone has seen fingers stuck deep in a child's mouth trying desperately to relieve the pain of incoming rear molars, but so far no teether has conquered the problem. Until now. The Teethifier, the advanced back teeth teether, combines a standard pacifier shield with a specially engineered teether end to comfortably reach and massage sore gums.

This new revolutionary product has three primary advantages over current teethers on the market today. First, unlike current teethers, that are too large to get past the front teeth, The Teethifier is uniquely designed to easily glide over the front incisors, slide past the bicuspids and reach the rear molars, the most painful teeth in a child's dental development.

Second, while most teethers look like toys for throwing and playing, The Teethifier has a familiar pacifier appearance that an infant instantly recognizes as an oral device to be chewed.

Finally, for those children who are finding it difficult to say "Goodbye" to their pacifiers, The Teethifier is the perfect transitional device. It protects against possible orthodontic and palette damage that can be caused by too many years of pacifier use.

These unique advantages are why The Teethifier stands out as the premiere teether on the market today and a great alternative to topical pain relief medicines.



Safety Information

  • The Teethifier is made out of 100% silicone. It is completely BPA, Lead and Phthalate free.
  • The Teethifier was submitted to SGS, an independent third-party testing organization, and it successfully passed all safety tests.
  • The factory that produces The Teethifier has supplied a Certificate of Compliance in accordance with US Government regulations.
  • The two largest dental magazines in America, Dental Products Report and Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, have both written articles recommending The Teethifieras as a safe and effective product.

Copies of these reports are available upon request. Please use our Contact Us form to make your request.