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Finally A Comb Designed Specially For Young Hair

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Specially For Young Hair

Combing a child's hair can often be a challenging event to say the least. It can be so painful and uncomfortable that some youngsters see the comb as a torture device to be avoided and feared. Finally there is a solution, The Kid-Comb.

This new comb is double-sided and engineered just for youngsters. One side of The Kid-Comb has larger, wider spokes that are perfect for clearing away nasty tangles. The other side of The Kid-Comb has closer spokes designed just for styling the unique texture of young hair.

Small balls and dulled points have been added at the spoke tips to gently massage and relax a child's sensitive scalp. These soft nubs relieve the scratchy pain caused by most adult combs.

Finally, The Kid-Comb's fun and playful design encourages nervous youngsters not to fear hair-combing time. A child can look at The Kid-Comb and say "That's my comb and I'm not afraid of it." Take away the fear and add some fun with The Kid-Comb.


Safety Information

  • The Kid-Comb is made out of 100% Nylon Risin Plastic. It is completely BPA, Lead and Phthalate free.
  • The Kid-Comb was submitted to SGS, an independent third-party testing organization, and it successfully passed all safety tests.
  • The factory that produces the Kid-Comb has supplied a Certificate of Compliance in accordance with US Government regulations.

Copies of these reports are available upon request. Please use our Contact Us form to make your request.